Slient Review

Risk is a challenge that knows no boundaries

A Silent Review can ensure an insurance program remains competitively priced and relevant to a business as it and the landscape around it (such as changing regulation) changes over time. It will ensure a programme with multiple policies and renewal dates are streamlined in coverage and provided with one common renewal date.

When Should a Silent Review be requested?

A Silent Review is particularly useful when business circumstances change; such as:

  • significant change in business circumstances
  • change of regulations (GDPR, MIFD, AIFMD, PSD2, PCI, SMR),
  • upgrading systems or operations,
  • expanding, acquiring or selling.

Similarly, changes to claims trends may warrant a review. If the insurances have just been renewed, a Silent Review can provide a good peace of mind, and in some cases identify important coverage issues that were not addressed at the last renewal.

The Elmore Silent Review includes analysis of:

  1. Suitability of the coverage purchased to the business activities
  2. All relevant policy terms and conditions
  3. Adequacy of the sum insured, deductibles and premiums
  4. Specified limits and sub-limits for all insured risks
  5. Review of customer and 3rd party contract provisions
  6. Policy appropriateness in light of recent claims trends
  7. The deliverable of a Silent Review is a formal report, including a risk analysis (poor, fair, good, excellent) to indicate key recommendations.

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