ATM Risk Review

Adding value through operational risk management

Banks, cash management firms, ATM deployers and other financial institutions are changing the way they do business, with a clear focus on two vital areas:  the customer trust – directly linked to their ability to ensure business continuity and secure assets, people and sensitive data; and operational efficiency – targeting improved  competitiveness by redirecting payments to lower-cost channels.

With new business models come new threats, and the need therefore for a more holistic approach to security and risk management is needed.

An ATM review can develop cross-channel security intelligence to more effectively protect people, data, assets and premises.

In addition, it can drive the following benefits:

  • Reduce losses to fraud, theft and vandalism
  • Improve operational efficiency and business continuity with measurable ROI
  • Increase compliance with operational risk management regulations
  • Protect brand equity and customer trust

Cash will continue to be ‘king’ for the foreseeable future

Demographic change, urbanization, climate change and globalization – are shaping the world today. These have an unprecedented impact on the risks faced by core service providers to the global economy.  ATMs are the life blood to the growing economy and managing the risks of ATMs are as important now as ever before.  Elmore through it’s consultants network provides the following services.

Logical ATM Risk Review

Logical ATM attacks have dramatically increased in recent years, mitigate the risks, setup lines of defence and identify and respond to logical ATM attacks by undertaking a review.

ATM Risk Review

An ATM Risk Review is a holistic operational risk review of an entire ATM operation to help mitigate risks, decrease security breaches, and improve efficiency.

Post Loss Review

After suffering a loss through a ATM attack (physical or logical) a review is required to identify which controls and processes were compromised to prevent reoccurrence.