Operational Risk Reviews

Take the rewards from good risk management

Risk management is the invisible safety net allowing a business to trade, grow and thrive in safe comfort
it is in control of it’s operation. Elmore Consultants support business with a range of Operational Risk Reviews.

Operational Risk
Management Maturity

A review to asses the existing framework already in place and how it aligns to best practice.

Risk Control

A deep analysis of the risks within a business and the controls required to prevent them.


A specific review focused on the controls and process in place to prevent internal, external fraud.


Determine the effectiveness and
appropriateness of existing physical security a key to securing and protecting business from the increasing physical security threats.


Security breaches. Criminal attacks. Internal theft. Compliance issues. Today’s cash management business face many threats which are all addressed in the Elmore Cash Management Review.


Review and mitigate the risks of exposure to these increasing ATM physical and logical attacks, along with a review of maintenance and replenishment procedures.

Operational Risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events. The Elmore ORMMA review assesses the framework within an organisation against best practices for the effective management of Operational Risk.

The report will assess the maturity of the Framework and provide recommendations on how this can be approved, in line with the size and complexity of the business. An organisation

can determine whether it wishes to adopt these, and where necessary Elmore can assist in developing appropriate policies and/or procedures.

Note; at this stage this is simply an assessment of the framework in place and will not deep dive into the actual risks to which the business is exposed. This can be conducted if necessary by facilitating Operational Risk Control Assessment workshops.

Key principles of the review will determine the extent that:

Corporate Culture

The Board of Directors and Management has established a corporate culture that incorporates robust risk management and that supports and provides the necessary standards and incentives for professional and responsible behaviour.

Risk Framework

The organisation has developed, implemented and maintained an Operational Risk Framework which is commensurate with its business, size, complexity and risk profile.

The ORMMA will include a review of the following:

➢ Any mechanisms by which the Board has set the tone for Conduct of Business
➢ The Governance structure in place for operational risk
➢ How Management has implemented and oversees operational risk processes
➢ How risks are identified and assessed
➢ Monitoring and Reporting mechanisms

The deliverable of an ORMMA
review will be:

✓ An assessment of the maturity of the organisation’s Operational Risk Management framework Basic (Reactive), Adequate (Structured), Advanced (Proactive)
✓ Detailed recommendations of opportunities for management to consider for improving the framework
✓ Where appropriate an agreed action plan on which recommendations will be implemented and a time bound plan for their completion