Smart Insurance Management

Real time measurement and pricing of risk

Our vision is to combine the most cutting-edge technology, in-depth consulting, tenacity of broking and the commitment of claims, Smart Insurance Management is the combination of the full service offering from Elmore.

Elmore operates on the simple principle that managing risk enables a business to venture further and grow. Too often risk management and insurance are mis-aligned.  Elmore combines best in class technology to identify and manage risk so that optimum risk transfer and claim experience can be achieved.

The future of Smart Insurance Management

Enter the virtual world of risk and see your business in the perspective of an Insurer including case studies of loss events impacting your industry and steps to take to prevent occurrence.

Traffic light ‘bubble’ imaging of risks brings to life the world of insurance, including a real time display what risks are and are not insured in your business.

SaaS Risk Management interlinked with smart contracts powered by distributed ledger technology drives risk tokens allowing procurement of other risk management services or enhancements to policy coverage.

Why Smart Insurance Management

Aligned risk and insurance

Large complex claims often lead to dispute or delay in settlement, to address this, support risk identification, mapping and policy drafting to ensure clarity and alignment in coverage.

Risk is a global challenge that knows no boundaries

Elmore provides risk advice and insurance to suit the needs of today, which is fit for the challenges of tomorrow, delivering cost-effective Smart Insurance Management.

New threats, emerging risks, bad actors

With a particular focus on corporate fraud, cyber events, intellectual property disputes, business interruption, supply chain failure and reputational damage, Elmore focus on key risks.

International reach with local capability

Experience in arranging insurance contracts with an extensive network of insurers and intermediaries, this widens access to local markets and delivers a truly multi-national solution.