Broker Management

Outsource the broker procurement process, project manage brokers

Manage Broker relationships in a smarter way. Even the largest and most profound broking organisations need to be held accountable for delivery of their services.

Elmore Consultants act independently from any broking activities in order to act as an integral part of the insurance procurement team assisting in the procurement and management of insurance programmes.

Organisations across all sectors
can achieve:

Consultants provide the following
broker management services:

  • Silent Review of Existing Insurances
  • Implement Recommendations from Review
  • Request for Proposal documentation
  • Invite best in class brokers
  • Manage tender process
  • Ensure Service Level Agreement with KPI’s
  • Provide ongoing insurance programme advice
  • Project manage existing broker arrangements

Elmore Consultants do not act as insurance brokers

Services offered are purely for insurance procurement and broker management.  Conflicts are clearly managed by Elmore having a strict conflicts policy in place.

The Elmore Broker Management solution provides a different way for businesses to procure and maintain an insurance programme. Elmore can bring value added services to an insurance programme through enhancements in cover, improvements in service and additional cost improvements against the best possible terms an existing broker can deliver.

Remuneration can be structured either on a retainer basis over the terms of the insurance process, or on a success fee dependant on results from a particular tender.