Human Firewall

Humans are the weakest link in cyber security

One educated employee can protect the
entire organisation.

No single technology solution will address today’s most urgent security woes. Instead, companies must ensure that they’re not just investing in technology, but also nurturing a security-conscious workplace culture.

A new concept has developed:  a “human firewall.”

This human firewall has three main components:

  1. employee education,
  2. minimizing human error, and
  3. getting ahead of new threats.

The main objective of a human firewall is to raise the awareness of end users or employees to such an extent that they become a solid line of defence against attempts to compromise an organisation.  Building a human firewall is more than just providing one-off security training, and it’s more than telling users what’s bad and giving them boundaries.  A human firewall seeks to stop humans from being the weak point in organisational security, by upgrading users to think securely.

Elmore partners with a leading cyber security firm that provides an enterprise grade protection for an unlimited number of users, through a gamified approach to user learning, multi-language, utilizing the very latest in intelligent software which treats each employees security posture individually.