The Elmore Review

Elmore Reviews are open to new and existing policyholders, along with firms who do not have a policy with Elmore but would like to discover how their firm stands against best practice.  Discover the Elmore Reviews:

Insurance Policy Reviews

Understand gaps in existing coverage, drive value and discover insurance enhancements available:

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Cyber Security Reviews

Cyber is one of the top risks to a business, discover ways to identify, reduce and manage cyber risk:

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Operational Risk

Identify areas of operational risk in the business and seek to meet best practice standards:

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Broker & Programme Reviews

Insurance project management services to streamline and enhance existing placement structures:

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For A Business To Grow It Must Embrace Risk

Elmore provides a range of consulting services either directly or through a carefully vetted consultant network to support business in risk management, while offering these services on a stand-alone basis or combined along with insurance services.

Risk management as with insurance is a people driven business, Elmore carefully align consultants for each project to ensure both business and individual considerations are taken into account to ensure the best outcome.

Good risk management is recognised by insurers and can have measurable impact on insurance purchased.

Risk and Insurance Specialists

Elmore have exceptional knowledge of specific industries which make them leaders in their field.

With proactive and engaging services, the Elmore team continually monitor the business landscape to develop and improve risk insights and claim trends which are occurring.

Supporting Business Growth

Elmore operates on the simple principle that managing risk enables a business to venture further and grow. Too often risk management and insurance are mis-aligned.

Operational Risk Management Maturity Assessment

Assess a corporate’s risk framework against best practices for effective management of operational risk.

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Slient Review

Policy wording reviews, activity risk coverage analysis, policy design strategy and drafting proposals.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

Advising on physical and digital security, including data privacy impact risk assessments.

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Claim Management

Claims audits, coverage analysis, advocacy services, policy coverage drafting support.

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The Elmore Ethos

From initial reviews, to delivery of detailed risk management assessments, and complex claim audits, right the way through to correcting failings in operational processes, Elmore’s consulting team delivers technical competence combined with a driving desire to deliver the best possible results.

Lear more about the Elmore Ethos: Skill, Determination & Commitment.

Christopher Sutherland – Head of Consulting

“We offer a transparent service, providing independent advice and in-depth knowledge our clients need in today’s challenging environment and increasing regulatory complexity.

The advice and services we provide are based on our team’s experience at the forefront of the risk management and insurance industry”

Smart Insurance Management

Connecting risk management and insurance policy audit to insurance procurement and acquisition leads to streamlined, cost effective and efficient insurance being arranged.

Greater focus on policy drafting and claim management along with correcting and implementing risk improvement measures supports smooth premium budgeting.

Elmore consultants combine best in class processes to identify and manage risk so that optimum insurance acquisition and claim experience can be achieved.

The Elmore Consultants

The team at Elmore providing consulting services are made up of experts in insurance risk transfer and risk management, providing a full range of advisory services that will result in improved understanding of the risks inherent in a business, together with guidance on how to demonstrate those risks have been minimised through pro-active management and, finally, how to achieve class-leading insurance protection at the most economic level of premium.

Broker Management

Assisting corporates with managing tenders, insurance portfolios, acting as trusted independent advisor.

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M&A Insurance Due Diligence Review

Insurance due diligence advisory service offered to buyers and sellers of corporates internationally.

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Fraud Management

Auditing a corporates fraud vulnerability, delivering reports to leverage insurance benefits.

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Financial Planning Review

“Goals based” approach to financial planning, review your financial situation and achieve new goals.

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Elmore consultants work as part of your business. They see the business from the outside so it can be strengthened from the inside, knowing what to ask so change can happen.

Supporting a unified approach to classifying and evaluating business-critical exposures, evaluating existing operational management infrastructure, and constructing continuous cycles of review and improvement.