Blockchain Insurance

Insurance solution for firms operating in the blockchain universe.

Blockchain is not just a vast parallel financial ecosystem, it promises to be the future fabric of society.

Blockchain has many revolutionary innovative, disruptive subcategories including DeFi, Crypto, NFTs, Gameify.

A firm operating in one of the blockchain ecosystems needs to trade with the very highest standards, knowing its business is suitably protected.


Blockchain Insurance Explained

From initial reviews to delivery of detailed risk management assessments, and complex claim audits, right the way through to correcting failings in operational processes,

Elmore’s Blockchain Insurance Team delivers technical competence combined with a driving desire to deliver the best possible results.

Blockchain is the technology underpinning the next financial revolution

Elmore delivers bespoke, focused Blockchain Insurance for each type of firm operating in the ecosystem:

Blockchain Exchange Insurance

Blockchain Wallet Insurance

Blockchain Custodian Insurance

Blockchain Miner Insurance



Blockchain Investment Manager Insurance

Blockchain Fund Insurance

Blockchain Transfer Insurance

Blockchain Validation Insurance

Blockchain Settlement Insurance

Blockchain Staking Insurance

Initial Exchange Offering Insurance

Elmore Blockchain Insurance

High value digital assets, custody governance and security, AML, financial crime and sanctions rules and guidance, new distributed ledger technology and systems, complex data, cloud technology, and outsourced service providers exposes a Blockchain firm to an array of risks.

Changes to regulation, perception to corporate responsibility and increased media attention towards Blockchain firms have focused the importance of effective operational, financial and technology risk management.

The Elmore Blockchain insurance solution:

Identificação de risco
Apoio na mitigação de riscos
Organizando a transferência de risco com Seguro FinTech
Suporte e resposta a sinistros

“With the backing of experienced Insurers behind a firm operating in the Blockchain and Digital asset space it can trade knowing their balance sheet has critical support should the unthinkable happen.

Crypto firms are increasingly adopting and leveraging advanced technologies to deliver innovative financial products and services. While these innovative technologies present opportunities, they may also pose new sources of risks.”


Christian Ogden-Davies – Interim Head of Cyber, Tech and Media


Responsabilidade Civil D&O

  • Reivindicações de reguladores
  • Reivindicações de accionistas
  • Reivindicações de funcionários
  • Reivindicações de outras partes interessadas

Responsabilidade Civil Profissional (PI)

  • Reivindicações de clientes
  • Reivindicações por falha de serviço
  • Reivindicações por falha tecnológica
  • Custos de mitigação para corrigir

Cyber & Crime

  • Gestão de eventos
  • Gestão de reputação
  • Perda financeira incluindo multas
  • Responsabilidade Cyber

Seguro para Escritórios e Colaboradores

  • Propriedade e equipamento
  • Responsabilidade do Colaborador
  • Responsabilidade pública
  • Seguro de viagem

Multi-National Crypto Programme Management

No processo de crescimento de uma FinTech, a rápida expansão global requer uma abordagem coordenada para a aquisição de seguros. A rede de parceiros de seguros estabelecidos da Elmore em todo o mundo permite um Programa de Seguro Global. Com a obrigatoriedade de políticas locais, enquanto que é simultaneamente coordenado por uma função centralizada, pode permitir melhor conformidade e visibilidade dos requisitos globais. coordenado por uma função centralizada, pode permitir melhor conformidade e visibilidade dos requisitos globais.



Partner With Insurers

With a captive audience and engaged users why not consider cross selling insurance solutions along side the Crypto firms offering adding value to users, differentiating your offering and brigning a new income stream for the business.
Elmore delivers bespoke and innovative programmes for both consumer and business users, gee in touch to learn more.



Blockchain Risk Management

For a Blockchain Firm to partner successfully with it’s key stakeholders, it must appreciate the breadth and depth of financial and technology risk management.
In particular, the Blockchain Firm must understand the operational risk considerations that a stakeholder will need to consider before engaging them.
By following best practice controls and processes required to onboard insurance it can improves the overall governance and acceptance of a Blockchain firm.
The diagram represents the benefits of mitigating and reducing risk to optimise risk transfer through insurance:

Gestão de

Elmore experienced claims team is committed to meeting the highest standards of service and operational excellence.
Seasoned professionals are aligned with each specialty product line and geography and consistently employ best practice standards. As needed, Elmore partner with specialised claims consultants to ensure that no matter how complex an Insurers claims may be, the proper technical expertise is employed to analyse and resolve the loss.

Mantenha os seus dados seguros

Somos especialmente dedicados à segurança Cyber e das poucos empresas que obtem certificação no setor de seguros Cyber Essentials. A implementação do Cyber ​​Essentials pode reduzir significativamente o risco de ataques Cyber comuns, não qualificados.