Alternative Finance Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance Protection for Alternative Finance

The future of SME and micro finance

Alternative finance firms offer a great alternative to traditional lenders. However, whether it is peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding or initial coin offerings, this new area of finance comes with new risks, including those related to integrity, sustainability of operations and consumer protection.

Elmore’s alternative finance insurance is designed to address regulatory guidelines in a clear, cost-effective way, while meeting the requirements of early-stage businesses.


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Elmore Trading Platforms Insurance – Policy Coverage

A cobertura abaixo poderá ser combinada numa só apólice ou disponibilizada em apólices separadas:

Responsabilidade Civil Profissional (PI)

  • Reivindicações de clientes
  • Claims for failure of regulated services
  • Reivindicações por falha tecnológica
  • Legal support for regulator actions

Directors & Officers Liability

  • Reivindicações de reguladores
  • Reivindicações de accionistas
  • Reivindicações de funcionários
  • Reivindicações de outras partes interessadas

Cyber & Crime

  • Gestão de eventos
  • Gestão de reputação
  • Perda financeira incluindo multas
  • Responsabilidade Cyber

Seguro para Escritórios e Colaboradores

  • Propriedade e equipamento
  • Responsabilidade do Colaborador
  • Responsabilidade pública
  • Seguro de viagem

Mantenha os seus dados seguros

We take cybersecurity very seriously and are one of the few practices in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. These controls can significantly reduce the risk of unskilled, but widespread, cyberattacks.