Credit and Surety Insurance

Without credit the world would not function

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What is Credit Insurance and
what does it cover?

Credit insurance (also known as trade credit insurance or export credit insurance) is an insurance policy and a risk management product offered to business entities wishing to protect their accounts receivable from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy.

Elmore Credit Insurance USP’s

Access to over USD500m
of capacity

Wide policy wordings offering
cover from non-payment

Capital mitigation approved
by regulators

Credit and Surety Insurance losses materialise in a manner of different ways

Insufficient client funds followed by disputes over the quality of goods delivered or services provided are the primary reasons for claims under credit insurance policies.

Main coverage areas of Credit and Surety Insurance
resulting in non-payment:

Contract Frustration

Protection against the
inability to complete a trade

Counterparty Default

Protection from nonpayment, late payment, insolvency.

Civil Risks

Protection from riots, strikes, civil commotion and malicious damage.

Political Risks

Protection from insurrection,
rebellion, revolution, mutiny,
civil war and war.


Protection from covert
isolated attack, asymmetrical
warfare and cyber warfare.


Protection from confiscation,
expropriation, nationalisation
and deprivation

Benefits of Credit and Surety Insurance

It allows financial institutions and exporters to offer customers larger facilities or contracts which may otherwise be curtailed by country or borrower internal limits.

Offer an alternative solution to syndicating a lending agreement as the insurer behaves as a sub-participant, sitting behind the lender and ensuring third-party banks are unable to gain access to their client.

Financial institutions can claim regulatory capital relief by classing the policy as a Credit Risk Mitigation Technique pursuant to worldwide banking regulations.

Keeping your data secure

We take cyber security seriously and are one of the few in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. Implementation of Cyber Essentials controls can significantly reduce the risk of prevalent but unskilled cyberattack.