National Insurance

Insurance Solutions For National Business

Strategic Approach To A National Insurance Programme

Being national brings clear strategic benefits: the ability to access a wider customer base.  The immediate benefit can also create secondary ones. Building on an existing strong customer base, relationships can be expanded to new areas and deliver greater value.

But being national also brings strategic challenges. Many companies find it increasingly difficult to be locally flexible and adaptable as they broaden their national footprint. In particular, processes for developing strategy and allocating resources can struggle to cope with the increasing diversity of regional dynamics, customers, and channels. These issues lead to greater risk, and from it, a need to ensure that risk is reviewed, measured and accounted for.

Experience innovative insurance products, services and tools for national businesses.  We can undertake a Review of speciic risks that may have not yet been reviewed, or we can seek an insurance for you that has not yet been considered for the business.  We are familiar with the tender and RFP process, and cooridnate a rangeof specialist colleagues to review your processes and improve your claims management, helping to enhance your defensibility and cut costs.

By being London based as a firm, we are able to support the most challenging of insurance needs, being based at the heart of the global insurance market.

Value added Services

In addition to providing timely and high-quality placement and claims management, our team offers advisory services (Review & Improve) to our business partners. Periodic reviews of our clients provide valuable feedback including independent analyses, perspectives on mutual philosophies, recommendations on third-party consultants and lawyers and suggestions to improve processes.

The team offers tailored claims and legal research and provides operational improvement reviews resulting in observations and recommendations on their organizational resilience, staffing, processes and technology.



Keeping your data secure

We take cyber security seriously and are one of the few in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. Implementation of Cyber Essentials controls can significantly reduce the risk of prevalent but unskilled cyberattack.