Business Type

Industry focus, solutions for all sizes

Policies that fit, whether a FinTech or Hedge Fund, start-up or an established multi-national business, a business can choose the insurance and cover levels needed.

Specialist risk, insurance and claims management

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Every startup is unique, and insurance should take particular needs into account. Build a tailored policy that guards against the risks that business will face every day.

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Hiring new staff, moving to a larger office, purchasing new equipment, scaling up activity all comes with increased risks, as such insurance needs to be tailored for the future.

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Whether it be facultative or treaty requests, we deliver an outstanding service from our offices on Lime Street only a stone’s throw from Lloyds’ and other specialist Reinsurers.

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As an established business with nationwide operations, there is a range of services we can deliver be it risk management, broking or claims advocacy.

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Navigate the complexities involved in having operations around the world, We provide flexible and compliant cover through a global network of cedants and brokers.

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Partner with us and get access to some of the leading insurance and reinsurance products available in the global markets, including full claims servicing and risk improvement solutions.

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Regardless Of Business Type We Will Deliver

Expert risk analysis

Reviewing existing risks against emerging threats and mapping suitable coverage

Insurance Network

Established relationships with leading underwriters

One-to-one contact

Access to a skilled and knowledgeable insurance advisor every step of the way

Contract Certainty

We will ensure Contract Certainty compliance at the inception of the policy contract.

Risk and Insurance
Consulting Services

High quality, fee-based risk management and corporate governance consultancy services.

Services are designed to improve risk control and awareness and, in turn, reduce insurance premiums. Our services encompass four core areas:

  • Cyber Security Reviews
  • Operational Reviews
  • Programme Management
  • M&A Insurance Due Dilligence




We pride ourselves on the benefits we can deliver when serving as your advocate when negotiating claims. We ensure that claims are adjusted and settled in the most favourable and timely fashion. 

Claims management services consist of advice or services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in respect of some other obligation. Claims management services cover litigation, or claims under regulation schemes or voluntary arrangements.


Benefits of Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance allows financial institutions and exporters to offer customers larger facilities or contracts which may otherwise be curtailed by country or borrower internal limits.

An alternative solution to syndicating a lending agreement as the insurer behaves as a sub-participant, sitting behind the lender and ensuring third-party banks are unable to gain access to their client.

Financial institutions can claim regulatory capital relief by classing the policy as a Credit Risk Mitigation Technique pursuant to worldwide banking regulations.

Keeping your data secure

We take cyber security seriously and are one of the few in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. Implementation of Cyber Essentials controls can significantly reduce the risk of prevalent but unskilled cyberattack.