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Comprehensive Insurance Protection for Sharing Economy Platforms

Protection for the pioneers

The sharing economy is changing the way people do business and interact. While this presents many commercial opportunities, it also poses risks. New business models must comply with regulations and have effective operational, financial and technology controls. This is why it’s important to have the right level of risk management.

Elmore’s sharing economy insurance is designed to address the wide range of risks that sharing economy platforms face in their day- to- day operations.


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Elmore Sharing Economy Insurance

Elmore has designed a comprehensive Sharing Economy Insurance Policy that provides all the key types of fintech insurance under one policy.

To ensure policy coverage is kept up-to-date, Elmore works closely with key stakeholders to develop solutions that meet the requirements of the sharing economy, and we guide firms on the most suitable insurance for their needs.

Elmore Sharing Economy insurance

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Sharing economy Insurance Explained

Elmore has carefully designed a broad and comprehensive Sharing Economy Insurance Policy providing all the key financial insurances under one policy.
To ensure policy coverage is kept up-to-date, Elmore has been actively engaging with key stakeholders in developing insurance solutions for Fintechs and is well positioned to guide firms on the suitable insurances that are required to be in place.

Elmore Sharing Economy Insurance – Policy Coverage

The following cover can be combined in one policy or offered in separate policies:

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

  • PSD2 PII Endorsement
  • Claims by customers
  • Claims for failure of regulated services
  • Claims for failure of technology

Directors & Officers Liability

  • Claims by regulators
  • Claims by shareholders
  • Claims by employees
  • Claims by other stakeholders

Cyber & Crime

  • Event management
  • Reputation management
  • Financial loss incl. fines
  • Cyber liability

Office & Employee Insurance

  • Property and equipment
  • Employers liability
  • Public liability
  • Travel insurance

Multinational Sharing Economy Insurance Programme Management

As sharing economy platforms scale, particularly internationally, their risks increase. Elmore offers a global insurance programme via its worldwide network of established insurance partners. Local policies can be coordinated centrally, ensuring better compliance and visibility.


Partner With Insurers – Embedded Insurance

Embedded insurance enables you to provide protection alongside your product or service, making it an integral part of the customer journey. It will add value for customers, differentiate your offering, and bring a new income stream for your business.
Elmore delivers bespoke and innovative programmes for both consumers and business users. Contact us to learn more.


Fintech Risk Management

For a fintech to partner successfully with its key stakeholders, it must appreciate the breadth and depth of financial and technology risk management.
In particular, the fintech must understand the operational risks that a stakeholder needs to consider before engaging it.
Observing best practice controls and processes to onboard insurance can improve the overall governance and acceptance of a fintech.
The diagram represents the benefits of mitigating and reducing risk to optimise risk transfer through insurance:


Sharing Economy Insurance Claims

Elmore’s highly experienced claims team serves the precise needs of each specialty product line and geography, and rigorously observes best practice standards. When required, Elmore partners with specialised claims consultants to ensure that no matter how complex a claim is, the appropriate technical expertise is employed to analyse and resolve the loss.

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Keeping Your Data Secure

We take cybersecurity very seriously and are one of the few practices in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. These controls can significantly reduce the risk of unskilled, but widespread, cyberattacks.