Implementing Recommendations

Improve Your Business With Positive Change

Discover Areas Of The Business
That Can Improve

Identifying areas for improvement is one part of the risk management process, however, implementing any risk improvement recommendations is the key to a business moving forward and avoiding similar events reoccurring.

Elmore Consultants know how hard it can be to convert recommendations into concrete risk improvement, particularly in some cases recommendations may not be commercially viable for a business to implement.

Therefore, Elmore recommend a technical follow up service after each review to assist the business in implementing the recommendation, and log progress as improvements are completed. Recommendation status across the program is reviewed regularly and summarised in the account overview report.

8 Easy Steps To Implement

  • Define what value your organisation will gain from implementing recommendations
  • Research and understand different standards and frameworks
  • Inventory what your organisation is already doing.
  • Seek support and help both internally and if necessary, externally
  • Keep it simple
  • Start small
  • Go for the quick wins
  • Delegate “improvements” to risk owners