Manage post loss event implications on your insurance policies by improvement to prevent reoccurence

Has Your Business Experienced A Breach Of Controls Or Process?

It may be a near miss, or a direct hit resulting in a multi-million loss event to the business.  In either case it is essential that lessons are learnt, and future similar occurrences are not repeated again.

The impact to insurance renewals of a loss event can be significant, therefore Elmore consultants have developed an improvement process following a significant breach of controls or process.

Improve With Elmore


There are many ways a business can implement and certify change after a loss event.  All actions taken after a loss will directly impact the risk assessment undertaken by insurers at renewal.  Businesses investing in improvement can experience the benefits not just operationally but also financially in respect to renewal premiums and prevention of future loss events.

Post Loss Operational Risk Review

Undertake a review of your operational risks

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Implementing Post Loss Recommendations

Creating policies in line with best practice and implementing

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Process Training

Train teams or individuals to align with best practice.

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Process Certification

Certify a process, person, or product to a recognized level.

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Managing Insurance Renewals Post Loss Event

Being indemnified for a claim by insurers is an integral part of the risk management cycle and one of the key reasons in purchasing insurance.  However, the actions taken after a loss event is as important as the loss itself.   Implications of a loss event can have significant consequences on both internal and external stakeholders of the business, and if improvements are not implemented the loss event or other loss events may arise again.

The Elmore Consultants

From initial reviews, to delivery of detailed risk management assessments, and complex claim audits, right the way through to correcting failings in operational processes, Elmore’s Consulting Team delivers technical competence combined with a driving desire to deliver the best possible results.

The Elmore Consultants live by the Elmore Ethos – Skill, Determination & Commitment.

“We offer a transparent service, providing independent advice and in-depth knowledge our clients need in today’s challenging environment and increasing regulatory complexity.

The advice and services we provide are based on our team’s experience at the forefront of the risk management and insurance industry”.

Christopher Sutherland – Head of Elmore Consultants

Supporting Business Growth, With Smart Insurance Management

Connecting risk management and insurance policy audit to insurance procurement and acquisition leads to streamlined, cost effective and efficient insurance being arranged.

Greater focus on policy drafting and claim management along with correcting and implementing risk improvement measures supports smooth premium budgeting.

Elmore combines best in class processes to identify and manage risk so that optimum insurance acquisition and claim experience can be achieved.

The team at Elmore Consulting is made up of experts in insurance risk transfer and risk management, providing a full range of advisory services that will result in improved understanding of the risks inherent in a business, together with guidance on how to demonstrate those risks have been minimised through pro-active management and, finally, how to achieve class-leading insurance protection at the most economic level of premium.

Keeping Your Data Secure

We take cyber security seriously and are one of the few in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials. Implementation of Cyber Essentials controls can significantly reduce the risk of prevalent but unskilled cyberattack.