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Comprehensive Cyber Insurance for any Business

Elmore cyber insurance provides your business with comprehensive support following data breaches and cyber attacks.

Worldwide cover for data breaches and cyber attacks
Comprehensive and affordable cover
Comes with 24/7 breach response
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Access to a 24/7 incident response team

Elmore’s cyber insurance comes with 24/7 access to an Incident Manager who will assist you and put you in contact with IT security, regulatory and other experts as needed to minimise harm to your customers and your business and to manage any regulatory notifications.

Comprehensive, transparent, affordable

Elmore’s cyber insurance provides worldwide cover for a broad range of risks. Our easy-to-implement insurance terms enable you to make an informed decision, whilst offering affordable premiums, no hidden charges and free cancellation.

Reduce your risk

You will get more than a quote from us: we’re building a new, easy-to-use way to help you assess your cyber security risk and we will give you advice on how to address any cyber security gaps you may have. Companies that meet our standards for cyber security will be rewarded with a premium discount.

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