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Respect des directives réglementaires

In the rapidly evolving world of virtual assets, ensuring a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) stays protected from new risks and emerging threats is paramount. As a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), navigating the complexities of the Markets in Crypto-Asset (MiCA) regulation can be challenging.

VASP insurance can provide robust protection against a wide range of loss events, ensuring that VASPs are adequately protected. Partner with Elmore to benefit from claims expertise and a dedicated to approach to helping VASPs thrive in a regulated environment.

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VASP Insurance Explained

Elmore has designed a comprehensive VASP Insurance Policy providing under one policy all the key financial insurances including professional indemnity insurance to meet MiCA requirements.

To ensure policy coverage is kept up-to-date, Elmore has been actively engaging with key VASP stakeholders in developing a solution for the insurance requirements for and is well positioned to guide firms on the implications of operational risk events for their business and the suitable insurances that are required to be in place.

Elmore Comprehensive VASP Insurance - Policy Coverage

Les couvertures suivantes peuvent être regroupées dans un seul contrat ou proposées dans des contrats distincts :

Assurance Responsabilité Professionnelle (PII)

  • MiCA PII Endorsement
  • Réclamations des clients
  • Réclamations pour défaillance de services réglementés
  • Réclamations pour échec de la technologie

Cyber & Crime Insurance

  • Gestion d'événements
  • Gestion de la réputation
  • Perte financière y compris amendes
  • Cyber-responsabilité

Responsabilité des dirigeants

  • Réclamations des régulateurs
  • Réclamations des actionnaires
  • Réclamations des salariés
  • Réclamations d'autres parties prenantes

Office & Employee Insurance

  • Propriété et équipement
  • Responsabilité des employeurs
  • Responsabilité civile
  • Assurance voyage

Multi-National VASP Insurance Programme Management

In the scale up of a VASP, rapid global expansion requires a coordinated approach to Insurance acquisition.  Elmore’s established offices in the UK and EU and network of established insurance partners around the world a succinct Global Insurance Programme offering.  With the requirement to have local policies while being coordinated by one centralised function it can allow better compliance and visibility into the global requirements.

Partner With Insurers - VASP Insurance

With a captive audience and engaged users why not consider VASP insurance solutions along side existing services and offer additional value to customers, differentiating your offering and brining a new income stream for the business. 

Elmore propose des programmes sur mesure et innovants pour les utilisateurs particuliers et professionnels. Contactez-nous pour en savoir plus.

VASP Risk Management

For a VASP to partner successfully with it’s key stakeholders, it must appreciate the breadth and depth of financial and technology risk management.

In particular, the VASP must understand the operational risk considerations that a stakeholder will need to consider before engaging them.

By following best practice controls and processes required to onboard insurance it can improves the overall governance and acceptance of a VASP.

Le diagramme représente les avantages de l’atténuation et de la réduction des risques pour optimiser le transfert des risques via l’assurance :


VASP Insurance Claims

Elmore is one of the early pioneers of arranging insurance for the VASP sector and as such have seen business models both succeed and fail. Being one of the few insurance intermediaries who has handled and managed complex VASP insurance claims, it makes Elmore the ideal risk transfer advisor and partner.

Elmore experienced claims team is committed to meeting the highest standards of service and operational excellence.  Seasoned professionals are aligned with each specialty product line and geography and consistently employ best practice standards. As needed, Elmore partner with specialised claims consultants to ensure that no matter how complex an Insurers claims may be, the proper technical expertise is employed to analyze and resolve the loss.

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Nous prenons la cybersécurité très au sérieux et sommes l'un des rares cabinets du secteur de l'assurance à être certifié Les cyberessentiels. Ces contrôles peuvent réduire considérablement le risque de cyberattaques non qualifiées, mais généralisées.