Avis sur les assurances

Par 13 janvier 2020

Assurance Commentaires

Gain insight, drive value, insure new risks


The Elmore Reviews act as a health check, giving peace of mind that the right insurance is in place.
Elmore offer this service so that you can discover our added value before you buy from us, now or in the future.

Examen de diligence raisonnable en matière d’assurance M&A

Review is suitable for any Buy side investor or Sell side party prior to a transaction. Full insurance due diligence audit report relating to the target entity’s protection programme.

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Examen silencieux

This Review is applicable to any company or entity not already an Elmore client. Either a Snap-shot or  full insurance due diligence-style audit report of coverage for all lines of business.

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Examen des risques liés à la cyberassurance

This Review is applicable to any company or entity.  The review provides full insurance due diligence-style audit report focused upon cyber-related risks and protections.

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Examen du défi

Any Elmore client renewing a policy. A review of an entity’s insurance protection including challenge to find the most material, practical and economical improvements in the programme.

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Examen des réclamations

This Review is applicable to any company experiencing problems with obtaining full claim settlement. Full analysis of claim circumstances, policy wording and Insurer response, leading to the identification of factors to support the claim and advice on how to secure optimum settlement.

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Examen médico-légal

These reviews are undertaken by Elmore partners and are categorised between forensic accountant review and IT forensic investigation review. Typically utilised for validation of quantum for business interruption loss.

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Cyber Risks in Focus –
Understanding the threat of cyber attack

According to Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner at the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO),“Cyber Security is not an IT issue, it is a boardroom issue”.  Read the Cyber Risks in focus e-guide to learn more.