Elmore Europe

Lisbon To London Without Limits

Following five successful years’ operating in the bustling insurance centre of London, Elmore established its European HQ in Lisbon, servicing its growing European client base.

Elmore, Lda is a specialty insurance intermediary with a focus on high growth industries that need innovative insurance products to address emerging risks. Our goal is to combine risk consulting, broking, and underwriting, utilising the latest technologies to create powerful end-to-end insurance and risk management experience.

Service is our defining quality, going above and beyond to deliver.

Elmore, Lda is a fully licensed and ASF regulated insurance agent in Portugal to capture the growing demand for the Elmore suite of products and services within Europe.

Our Business At a Glance

Professional Liability

Defence costs and damages for negligence claims brought against business.

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Management Liability

Defence costs and damages for claims brought against directors or partners.

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Cyber Insurance

Event management, financial loss and liability from cyber event.

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Banks Insurance

Commited to delivering outstanding insurance for Banks.

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Fintech Insurance

Pioneering innovation, disrupting the norms, a FinTech needs to trade knowing its business is suitably protected.

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Silent Review

Our Silent Review acts as a health check, giving you peace of mind that you have the right insurance at the right premium.

There is no cost associated with a Silent Review – we offer this service so that you can experience our added value before you buy from us, now or in the future.

Elmore Europe Focus


Serve and support the growing list of Elmore clients across Europe


Develop and bring new products to the Portuguese insurance market


Develop the European insurance market with innovative new insurances


Develop the emerging European countries soon to be part of the union

A Warm Welcome from Elmore Lisbon

Francisco Monteiro – Managing Director
Luisa Llobet Moura – Client and Digital Executive

Francisco Monteiro and Luisa Llobet Moura, charged with expanding our business in Europe. And on that note, we took an important step towards that goal: Elmore, Lda is authorised by the ASF – Portuguese Insurance Regulator – as an Insurance Agent, Elmore Europe is open for business!

A fresh start for Elmore and a promising step for our future.

Smart Insurance Management

Connecting risk management and insurance policy audit to insurance procurement and acquisition leads to streamlined, cost effective and efficient insurance being arranged.

Greater focus on policy drafting and claim management along with correcting and implementing risk improvement measures supports smooth premium budgeting.

Elmore consultants combine best in class processes to identify and manage risk so that optimum insurance acquisition and claim experience can be achieved.

The Portuguese Caravel

The Portuguese Caravel was designed during the XV or XVI century in Lisbon, pioneering early discovery and exploration as well as a beacon of innovation for the world in modern ship design.  The team in Lisbon draws their inspiration from such innovation and bravery drawing a close link to the founding principles of Elmore: Skill, Determination, and Commitment.

Elmore was founded in 2015 in the UK, with diverse revenues, Elmore has clients the world over. Being a 100% employee-owned organization, corporate objectives are built not just to last the test of time, but also to empower every individual in their role.