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EU, GDPR and Brexit

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Introduction The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become legislation in May 2018 which will be a significant change for UK businesses. GDPR will introduce new laws such as…

The Cyber Risk Team

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Introduction Forming a cyber-risk team is becoming increasingly important as the rate of cyber-attacks on UK businesses continues to rise. It is an essential way to help mitigate the risk…

Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

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Secure your Defence Cyber-attacks are so frequently reported there is a danger business leaders become accustomed to the risk without implementing sufficient controls. It is vital that as a minimum,…

How Online Expansion is Increasing the Risk of Cyber Attack

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Introduction Businesses across the globe from large multi-nationals to small enterprises are embracing the opportunities an ‘online’ presence can offer. On-line businesses tend to regularly out-perform the average speed of…

What Should be Covered by Cyber Insurance?

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Introduction It is no question that Cyber Insurance has been growing in popularity since its introduction to the corporate world in the late 1990’s. For those who are new to…
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Cyber Breaches and Where They Come From

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The Facts Behind the Attacks Dependency on technology and network connectivity is expected to remain one of the most likely risks to businesses in 2017. Cyber-attacks are time consuming to…

Run for Cover! Common Cyber Gaps in Professional Indemnity Policies

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It’s a normal day, then out of the blue, you receive a sheepish call from your IT Director announcing the company databases have been hacked and some 30,000 customer details…