Cyber Risks in Focus

Understanding the Threat of Cyber Attack for the Modern Business

The cost and occurrence of cyber-attacks is increasing year on year, with the average breach costing businesses between £1.46m and £3.14m. Yet despite the substantial business risk posed by cyber-crime, it can still be seen as an IT issue rather than one that should be faced by the whole business.

This eGuide has been written for management, risk and compliance professionals and outlines the business risks that exist to organisations of every size as a result of cyber-crime, highlighting the areas where businesses may be exposed to substantial costs in the event that their systems are breached by a cyber-attack.

It will show:

  • What the costs of a cyber-attack are and the real impact they can have on a company of any size
  • How a cyber-attack can critically damage a company’s reputation and the associated business costs
  • How new legislation to be brought in by 2018 with emphasise the level of responsibility that companies have over their customers’ data

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Discover the risks now being posed by cybercrime

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