Insurance Claim Reviews

Specialists In Insurance Claim Resolution

Insurers can sometimes make the wrong decision regarding the validity of a insurance claim. They may reject a genuine insurance claim or offer less than a insurance claim is worth.

Insurance claims are often the forgotten part of the insurance journey, however it is claims that show the true value of an insurance product.

The Elmore Claim Review service helps a business who has experienced difficulty in getting any progress with a claim.


The Elmore Insurance Claim Management Service

Insurance Claim Manual

Having a robust documented process, when a insurance claim occurs can have benefits in ensuring policy terms and conditions around notifcation are complied with.

Insurance Dispute Resolution

Disputes can sometimes arise between an insurance company and a policyholder if the insurance company attempts to decline a insurance claim or pay out a claim for a value that is less than what the policyholder was expecting.  Our experience in advising clients the best strategy into getting a insurance claim settled has led to significant settlements.

Insurance Claim Portal

A tool for collecting and storing all insurance claims and information in a logical and easy to manage platform. You can register and begin submitting insurance claims, find out how to use the Portal or refresh your knowledge with our User guides.

M&A Insurance Due Diligence Review

Review the claim record of the target company to gain insights into the health of the business along with a deeper understanding of the management of the business.

Insurance Claim Management

We have taken over many claims files from other brokers when businesses have been dissatisfied with the service they were receiving. Clients who have transferred their insurance claims to us from other brokers have been impressed by our positive and proactive approach.

Insurance Claim Audit Review

Comprehensive audit and analysis of insurance claim files in order to develop insurance claims compliance and validity services.