Insurance Claim Portal

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Organisations with large volumes of insurance claims across multiple classes of insurance need better centralised management of their insurance claims data, both to internal and external stakeholders including their brokers, loss adjustors, vendors and insurers.

The insurance claims process for most organisations still runs on a combination of network folders, spreadsheets and calendar reminders. This manual process takes up far too much time and can lead to costly mistakes.

With an effective insurance claim portal an organisation can build claim profiles and manage each of their insurance claims with clear visibility and centralised document management.  Meaning optimal insurance claim handling management.

Claims Handling

An Insurance Claims Portal can provide great gains in claims management productivity.  Information submitted is presented in a clear, ordered way allowing stakeholders to determine the appropriate actions required to bring an insurance claim to a timely conclusion.

An intuitive claim work list ensures no claims are left unprocessed, maximising claim process efficiency.  A claims management information dashboard can demonstrate a snapshot view of the current status of the portfolio of claims and where, if any, stress points are occuring.