Crisis Insurance

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it

Reputational Harm Protection

The impact of a reputation event can be devastating for a business, its largest commodity is not its product but it’s reputation with it’s clients and wider stakeholders.  A crisis can come from anywhere, how it is managed and handled can be the difference between charting a more positive engaged connection with clients or losing valuable customers, revenue, employees and suppliers.

We partner with best in class crisis firms to ensure a resilient and robust plan is executed in the event of a crisis.

Crisis Insurance Coverage

  • Coverage will respond when a firm is in a time of severe difficulty as a result of an insured incident that could, if left unmanaged, cause adverse or negative publicity.
  • Insurers will pay for the costs incurred in utilising the services of crisis containment provider to limit or mitigate the impact of a crisis

Steps to take in a crisis:

  • Think about who you need to help you during a potential crisis
  • Tighten communications channels
  • Get a grip on the facts and plan accordingly