Changing Jobs During a Pandemic

We’ve lived with Covid-19 for more than a year, and no-one has escaped its effects. Apart from the tragic loss of life, many of the things we take for granted have also disappeared. For example, our familiar office environment and work routines.

Working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for most people, while many others have been furloughed or, worse, made redundant. Against this unsettling backdrop, the thought of changing jobs  – a challenge at the best of times – seems daunting.

For Elmore, rather than being knocked back by the pandemic, it has been a time of continued growth. Thanks to the benefits of technology, the firm has embraced remote working and has even hired new staff.

I’m one of the new hires, having joined the firm in lockdown. It’s a novel experience to start a new job while compelled to work from home and unable to mix with colleagues, but the team has made me very welcome and technology is bringing us together. In fact, as a technology-focused insurance broker, Elmore has made the transition to home working very smooth.

Apart from being able to do my job just as effectively as if I were in an office, I also have the benefit of more time because I don’t have to commute. Time lost to travel is time gained for studying and perhaps obtaining professional qualifications.

Although I’m comfortable working from home, and Elmore has made it easy for me to start my new role, I look forward to meeting my colleagues face to face once the pandemic is over.

Written by George Pearson, Junior Client Executive, Elmore Insurance Brokers Limited.

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