Discovery the Elmore difference


Insurance intermediaries that keep at the forefront of the insurance industry’s constant innovation have a bright future. This innovation, driven by technological dynamism and globalisation amongst other factors, has led us to stive for the early adoption of blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data and to be actively seeking further opportunities to improve our customer-centric services.

Diagram to demonstrate the Benefits of distributed ledger technology

Innovative Policy Wordings

Insurance innovation is not just found in technology; we are continually pushing the boundaries of insurable coverage, assessing and challenging the functionality and structure of insurance placements.   It takes more than just a good idea for innovation to really add value to a policyholder, it needs an industry focused, product led approach to be of real value.

Elmore focuses on the different stakeholder’s contractual relationships to an insured, this helps put fresh perspective to risk and how it materialises into an insurable risk.