A Fresh Approach
to Business Insurance

Risk Management And Business Insurance

Welcome to our approach to business insurance, we have simplified the process of identification, mitigation and transferral of risk, through to claims management and post claim change.  Specialised and tailored to your businesses risk management and insurance needs.

Start your journey here, explore our four key services areas, discover how we can support your business:


Risk Management, Insurance Consulting and Advisory Services

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Get a Quote and Buy a Specialist Business Insurance Policy

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Claim Management including Advocacy and Audit Services

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Post Loss Process Improvement to Managing Renewal Implications

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Insurance Begins With Visibility Of Risk

Risk impacts every aspect of business.  We spend more time reviewing a businesses risks resulting in risk management and insurance solutions meeting the needs of todays business, ready for the challenges of tomorrow.  Discover a smart, cost effective and a more strategic approach to insuring a business’s risks.



Summary of Elmore Resources


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Are You Covered Against the Worst Effects of a Cyber-Attack

Cyber-crime is an issue that faces all organisations. Download our free eGuide to see how many companies aren’t insured against a cyber-attack, leaving them exposed to significant costs.


Risk is a Global Challenge that Knows No Boundaries

Risk managment advice to suit your needs today, fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

We act on behalf of a diverse spectrum of clients, from start-ups to scale-ups, established nationals to multi-nationals, with a particular focus on new risks and emerging threats such as cyber-attacks, intellectual property theft, business interruption, supply chain failure and reputational harm damage.


A Clear Service Proposition

Expert Risk Analysis

Reviewing existing risks against emerging threats and mapping suitable coverage

Insurance Network

Established relationships with leading insurance underwriters

One-To-One Contact

Access to a skilled and knowledgeable insurance advisor every step of the way

Contract Certainty

Ensuring that the terms and conditions of a contract are clear from the beginning.

Silent Review

Our Silent Review acts as a health check, giving you peace of mind that you have the right insurance at the right premium.

There is no cost associated with a Silent Review – we offer this service so that you can experience our added value before you buy from us, now or in the future.


Apply for a silent review

Smart Insurance Management

We operate on the simple principle that managing risk enables a business to venture further and grow. Too often risk management and insurance are mis-aligned.  Our approach combines the identification of best in class processes to manage risk so that optimum insurance acquisition and claim experience can be achieved.

We offer a transparent service, providing independent advice and in-depth knowledge our clients need in today’s challenging environment and increasing regulatory complexity. The advice and services we provide are based on our teams experience at the forefront of the risk management and insurance industry.

Discreet reviews of existing insurance programmes – Silent Review
Arranging professional indemnity, directors & officers, comprehensive crime and other specialty insurances products for a range of industries and business types – Insure
Focused on new risks businesses face – Cyber Insurance
Advice and negotiation in the event of a claim – Claim